Your contributions goes a long way. This time you can trust where it's going, thanks to Technology.

With PassionGuru, you can SEE where and how your money is being used as all our classes are online.

No doubts. 100% Transparency.

Sponsor a smile

INR 500 per child. Valid for 1 month.

A chapter of PassionGuru typically lasts 1 month. This Sponsorship covers our cost to run this project for a month and enable us to expand this to more and more kids.

Though, It takes around 3 months to make the kids reach the advanced level of the passion course and we encourage them to complete the course resulting in turning their passions into skills.


INR 2000. Valid for 1 month.

We provide certifications and Awards to encourage the children to utilize their free time towards our classes. These are a few little things that keep them going!

The certifications are an add-on which serves as an appreciation and representation of their passionate and enthusiastic attitude. We are keeping their hopes alive in whatever way possible.

SponsorData top-ups

INR 5000. Valid for 1 month.

To attend these classes online, they at least need 1.5 GB. It takes a minimum ₹18 recharge and we have around 350+ students per chapter. 

Let’s not make these little things be a reason to stop them from following their passion!

Help us, help them!

sponsor a tablet

INR 5000 for One tablet

Education goes online but not everybody has smartphones! The unequal access to digital resources is posing a challenge and we want to make this right. 

Join us to make this right for these kids who are eagerly willing to learn. Your contribution can change someone’s life!

As you like it!

Your love and donations will create a real and lasting change in the lives of those less-fortunate kids. 

Help them pursue what they love! 

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