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With Dreams that Fly

12-year-old Sneha is a talented little girl from Gurugram where her father works as a driver. Even at a young age, she understands the importance of education and her dreams give her wings which take her to a world where she aspires to share her passion by teaching dancing to others.

She has been a devoted student of PassionGuru for some time now. "I love PassionGuru because the teachers teach us everything step-by-step which is very helpful," she says as she reveals that the Karate and Theatre classes are her favourite and so are the teachers of these two subjects.

Sneha also has a talent for painting too. The last video she submitted in her class was selected as the best amongst all the submissions and any such acknowledgement is a matter of great achievement for her. According to her whenever she gets such appreciation, it boosts up her determination and these moments are the happiest ones of her life that she treasures the most.

Sneha is determined to learn and work hard on her path to reach her goals. She believes in her dream and has stepped onto the initial steps in the long journey of being a Dance Teacher someday.

She is one of those many talented souls who try to flutter for an identity despite the lack of opportunities in the underprivileged section of the country. As such, isn't this the duty of all to allow a little ray of light to pass onto them?

Will you?

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