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Wings of Steel

The twinkling dreams in children’s eyes often have this contagious hopefulness and optimism that can creep into our hearts unannounced. One such chaser of dreams is Adarsh, a 13-year-old from Chandigarh who will do absolutely anything and everything to fulfil his ambition of becoming an engineer and he’s gotten to work already. After all, he says studies bring him the most happiness and pleasure. If you take away one thing from this story, let it be this- dedication knows no age bar.

Clearly, Adarsh’s mind is a colourful place. Aside from his love for academics, he also enjoys dancing and painting a lot. His favourite thing about Passion Guru teachers is how well they explain everything. He likes his dance instructor best though. His hobbies include cycling and squash, so clearly there’s no compromise on the healthy lifestyle on his part either. His passions are holistic, and his aspirations are uplifting.

He would love to visit Mumbai someday, and there’s no doubt that the majestic skyscrapers of the maximum city’s skyline would be a great match for his soaring goals. The wind beneath his wings is his family - Adarsh’s father is a scrap dealer and his mother is a housewife.

Acutely worried about the state of Indian roads, he hopes to fix the irregularities and manholes that lead to a lot of unfortunate accidents. Just this small insight gives us a glimpse into the sensitivity and compassion that colour Adarsh’s rich inner world. Perhaps one day, he will be the civil engineer that fixes both broken roads and broken spirits. And we are totally here for it. Join us in cheering him on.

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