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Keeping Hope Alive in Uncertain Times

“Music makes me happy”, said 14-year-old Saniya, an enthusiastic girl who lives in Gurugram. She happily discussed music with us, her choices, favourite singers, a favorite song, everything but, when we asked: “would you like to pursue music?”. She hesitated. She said, “I belong to a Muslim family and my parents don’t want me to see in this field, they say that I won’t be able to make money out of this”. This broke our heart! We noticed the dip in her voice as if she wanted us to help her convince her parents.

She has been attending our Online PassionGuru classes and mentioned that attending those classes is the best part of her day. Her soulful voice has been reaching to our hearts and we want to instil hope in her life, hope that will give her gain the confidence of following her passion incessantly!

There are so many less-fortunate kids like Saniya who hesitate to share their dreams and follow their passion because of the lack of resources and guidance. With our project PassionGuru, we aim to reshape learning to help the kids connect their passion to opportunity and prepare themselves for the world of tomorrow.

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