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To Live and to Serve

Mansi can see only one goal which thrives in her soul - The Indian Army. Yes, this 16-year-old girl from Siddhaur, UP dreams of serving the country by joining the Indian Army one day. With her father being a farmer and her mother being a teacher, Mansi understands the need for education as well as hard work to see her dreams turn into reality.

Sometimes Mansi likes to sing but she is the happiest when she is studying. She wants to give her best so that she can inch closer to her dreams of becoming a part of the most challenging sphere of the country where determination to succeed is tested each and every moment.

"PassionGuru classes are definitely empowering us with skills which we might need anytime in the future”, Mansi states when being asked about her perspective on these classes. She is very fond of them and considers being able to draw human figures after considerable training, a spectacular personal achievement which she had never done before.

She further reveals that the Painting and Craft instructor is her favourite teacher from whom she has learnt many things.

Her zeal to succeed in her dreams is evident in her manner. She has the drive to reach her goal that is rare in children of her age. This is the potential that has the capacity to change the future of the country and all it needs is a platform to grow as well as a healthy audience to witness this transformation. Will you support her on this journey?

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