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Their Dreams Keep Us Awake

There are so many dreams these little kids are carrying around but with lack of resources, they gradually tend to lose hope and motivation to pursue their dreams. But, with the advent of PassonGuru project, Qause is reaching out to these less-fortunate kids and guiding them in the path of passion. While taking these online passion-based classes, we came across so many talents that deserve appreciation and one of them was Arti.

Arti is a 15-year-old girl who has been teaching little kids for free. She calls it her 'moment of the day' because that's when she is most happy. She believes that knowledge needs to be shared. She holds a dream of being a Karate champion and representing India at International level but she had her bag of doubts like every other underprivileged kid. Lack of resources made her hopeless and she almost gave up on her dreams but, when PassionGuru came into the picture, we saw hope and spark of passion in her eyes again. She has been taking free online Karate classes with PassionGuru and she couldn’t be happier!

She is thankful to PassionGuru for giving her hope and showing her the path towards pursuing her passion. Because giving up is never an option!

Please let us know if you have something in store for her or you are willing to support her in the journey of pursuing her dreams. Ask us how!

Every little contribution goes a long way.

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