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The Will to Change

11-year-old Hiti Khatri lives through her dance. The young girl from Rajasthan loves to spend most of her time dancing and confidently talks about making an effort to bring the change she wants to see in the world.

Despite her young age, she has a relentless drive to succeed and balances her education by working hard so that she can increase her chances of success. Try and try again to succeed and hard work regarding studies is her formula to which she devotes herself to achieve her dreams.

Her happiest moments are specifically when she is dancing. She has been an active participant in all the dance competition organised in her school. Her love for dance is inexplicable.

Hiti gives due credit to PassionGuru as an important step in the ladder to her goal. "The classes will surely help my career as the teacher teaches us very diligently, making us repeat again and again till we get it right," Hiti reveals as she candidly confesses about the dance classes which are her favourite lessons.

She is a young dreamer who is mature enough to understand the gender discrimination and disparity that is still embedded in the Indian society. She craves to be capable enough to take required actions in ousting gender discrimination from society and build a society where equality prevails

Hiti also wants to travel outside India. She aspires to experience the vast world outside the country and learn about new cultures and different ways of living of the people.

A wise soul with strong-willed dreams, Hiti dreams of a goal to succeed and a society to change. Will you be the helping hand?

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