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The Dynamic Duo

Attention, everyone! We have found the living example of ‘Sharma Ji’s Children.’ The ones, our parents always wanted us to be like.

Standing first in line when God was distributing talent were siblings Vishal and Muskan from Gurugram. Their father works for a security agency and their mother looks after the house. The siblings are students of Government senior secondary school and have a reputation for being extremely dedicated and consistent.

Vishal, a 13-year-old artist, leaves one in awe of his work. His drawings and other pieces of art reflect his wild imagination and unmatched creativity. His parents have proudly displayed his artwork on the walls of their house. Apart from being in the race of becoming the next MF Hussain, Vishal also takes a keen interest in building and observing models based on scientific concepts.

“I want to achieve a lot of things in life.” - says Muskan, the dancer of the family. Her graceful moves and natural talent can capture your attention for hours. The 14 old girl dreams in colour. With PassionGuru, she has taken the first steps towards fulfilling her ambitions.

Vishal and Muskan will remind you of your own siblings and the sacred bond you share with them. Sometimes they answer together, and sometimes for each other. Either way, they never fail to leave a broad smile plastered on your face.

“ Ma’am the classes will continue even after schools start, right?” they ask hopefully.

Vishal & Muskan beautifully made a 'Thank you' cards for their favourite teachers.

Even a pandemic and the nation-wide lockdown has not been able to dull the spirits of this lively brother-sister duo. They have the hunger to learn more every day. This enthusiasm of students is what keeps us going. We will continue fueling their passions and carving a way for them to leave a mark on the world. Will you join us?

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