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Support Her Colourful Dreams

Magic ensues the moment her paintbrushes touch the canvas. Effortlessly, she brings characters to life with her beautiful strokes of colour. Meet the immensely talented 13-year-old Tanisha, a simple girl who is bound to leave you awestruck. Her father works as a driver and her mother is a homemaker. They are her support system. The ones who fuel her dreams and leave no stone unturned in helping her realise her true potential. Name Tanisha means ‘ambition.’ Staying true to this meaning, the little girl says, “I want to teach Painting to other people and I will fight every obstacle that comes in my way.”

She loves being absorbed in the colourful world of art. Sketching and painting give her true and immeasurable happiness. It is no surprise that she eagerly waits for and thoroughly enjoys the art classes conducted by PassionGuru which further enhance her skills.

Like every artist, Tanisha also dearly values any appreciation for her hard work and creativity. She says, “I really like it when someone appreciates my paintings. It makes me very happy.” These small words of encouragement also strengthen her belief in herself and her craft. Apart from Painting, she also has a liking for dancing. She believes that the dance classes make her days brighter and more cheerful.

Tanisha’s sheer determination makes us believe that she will truly be successful in spreading this phenomenal form of expression and art worldwide. All she needs is a little bit of support from our side. Join our cause and be the reason her dreams become a reality.

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