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Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: Inspiring Less Fortunate Kids through Online Classes with PassionGuru

You have the privilege to pursue your passion but not everybody!

While the world continues to fight with Covid-19, technology has turned out to be our saviour in one way or the other but don’t you think we are leaving behind the less fortunate ones? We have been feeding the hungry but what about the hunger of passion? The little ones who don’t get a chance to nurture their talents, the ones who are craving to find a guided path of passion? The ones who have access to technology but lack the knowledge to use it wisely?

Yes! We all have witnessed an exponential pace of technological change in the last few years and the internet has entered all possible dimensions of human existence but still, the marginalised sections of the society are unable to stay in the tech curve mainly because of lack of awareness. The best way to reach out to the less fortunate is through NGOs and the best way to empower the society is by empowering the youth.

So, recognizing the need of the hour, Qause took a step forward and initiated a great project, ‘PassionGuru’ to empower underprivileged sections of the society.

Turning up as a catalyst in the world of NGOs, Qause Network has been strengthening the digital foundations of NGOs across India. This digital platform helps the NGOs to showcase their social causes transparently, share inspiring stories passionately and raise donations effectively.

Mr Avneesh Chhabra, the founder of Qause always aimed for contributing to building a digital India and for him, it has always been without leaving behind the less fortunate ones. The launch of ‘PassionGuru’ project amidst the whole Covid-19 situation turned out to be beneficial for the little ones in every way possible. Gathering 600+ NGO kids across India to kick-start a new way of learning and pursuing their passion has been marked as a great effort to harness the power of technology when accessible to the unprivileged section of the society.

The kids are not only acquiring the skills of using technology but also learning different art forms through the screens of their gadgets. Witnessing the tremendous amount of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn in those kids, we have never felt more confident and aligned to tread on the path of digitisation.

From holding the paintbrushes to fill the blank sheets with colours, grooving to the desi beats, tapping into Kathak to mastering Taekwondo and learning the basic sketching techniques, they are doing it all with utmost curiosity and enthusiasm.

The ‘Guru’ in ‘PassionGuru’ stands for our mentors who are incredibly making the kids understand the basics of different art forms. They are not just well-versed in specific art forms but also in upskilling and enlightening the kids while keeping the motivation intact. They are successfully bringing the spirit to the fore!

In a world that is driven by technology, it is debatable whether adequate priority is given to the marginalised sections of society. While we marvel over the human ingenuity that has given us a way to reach out to the world, it warms our heart, even more, when we hear about wise usage of technology by the less fortunate ones. Being at the nascent stage, PassionGuru is one project that will not only make you believe that ‘change is possible’ but also passion can bring the motivation and hope that one craves for.

We are doing the best we can and your small contribution will help us reach out to more kids who are still craving for that hope and motivation. They are already fighting in this dire situation, let’s make it a little easier for them.

Let’s contribute to change it from slums of despair to cities of hope! Can you bring in a beacon of hope for them?

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