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Lighting Up Their World with PassionGuru

“I want to be a teacher one day”, said 10-year-old Kumkum, a little girl who lives in a world of her dreams. You’ll have a perpetual smile on your face when you’ll meet this bubbly girl with enthusiastic nature. She is someone who is capable of brightening up the darkest rooms. She resides in Dehradun with her family, where her father owns a tea shop and her mother looks after the household chores.

In a world where maths is the biggest nightmare for a lot of children, Kumkum loves playing with numbers. On being asked about her future ambitions, the sweet girl promptly responded by saying that she wants to become a maths teacher so that she can contribute in shaping future minds and help students overcome their fear of the subject.

When she is not busy studying, kumkum can be found tapping her feet to various tunes. Dancing is her passion, her happy place where she truly feels at peace. She eagerly waits for the dance classes conducted by Passionguru, which are the highlight of her day and participates actively in all classes with unmatched fervour.

Listening to her talk so confidently about her passion and ambitions is the driving force for us. There are many more kids like Kumkum who are filled with an abundance of untapped potential and we’re letting them express their craft in the best way possible. It motivates us to constantly improve and extend our services and encourage these young minds to follow their heart into building a dignified life. Join us in our mission of empowering these kids with the wealth of art. Ask us how!

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