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Introducing Sign Language in the Lives of Less-Fortunate Kids with PassionGuru

“I have a friend who can’t hear any word I say, I’m so excited to learn sign language and make a conversation with her”, says Pooja, a 15-year-old girl who is learning Sign Langauge with PassionGuru.

We all consider ourselves blessed to be able to hear those beautiful sounds, don’t we? The sound of waves, the sound of birds chirping, the sound of a baby laughing and so much more. But, some people are deprived of hearing any kind of sound and only communicate via sign language. Still, they are forced to stick within their deaf community. Why? Because in the world of hearing people, the sign language doesn’t hold much value, and we don’t know how learning the language will make a difference in our lives and theirs!

So, do you still wonder why they feel disconnected from us? They have actors, they have artists, they have people who can achieve greatness in their lives but they are mostly left behind because of the communication gap. The only reason why we are unaware of what deaf people are capable of doing is that because we haven't explored the ways to connect with them.

Sign language is a visual language that uses hand, facial and body movements as a means of communication to reach the deaf section of our society and convey the prosody through non-manual signs. Postures or movements of eyebrows, eyes, head, cheeks, and mouth are used in various ways to communicate several categories of information.

Through our PassionGuru Online Classes, we are making the less-fortunate kids learn sign language by our professional sign language mentor to make them understand how important it is to learn ways to connect with diverse sections of our society and to create a medium to bring diverse people together because diversity is our strength. By learning sign language, we not only expand the social networking of deaf people but also allow them to participate in society more easily and effectively.

Inclusion of deaf citizens into mainstream society is what we can do with the power of sign language. The other benefits that come with the art of learning sign language is that:

  • You become more expressive: Yes, with sign language you learn to go deeper into the words and create vivid and lasting imagery. And if you’re someone who enjoys storytelling, or making jokes can incorporate sign language to better captivate audiences.

  • You Get More Opportunities: The more languages you know, the better it is for you, especially if it's sign language! There's always extra space for qualified interpreters! Learning sign language can open up new opportunities to expand into careers you may never knew existed.

PassionGuru has introduced sign language in the lives of less-fortunate kids who had less idea about how learning sign language can make a difference. We're conducting FREE online classes for less-fortunate kids and they are more than happy to learn, engage and see things from a new perspective! “I have a friend who can’t listen to any word I say, I’m so excited to learn sign language and make a conversation with her”, says Pooja, a 15-year-old girl who is taking sign language classes with PassionGuru!

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