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Going the Extra Mile

In today’s episode of ‘What makes us smile’ we have a budding little actor from Delhi. Unzila, a 12-year-old cheerful girl, lives with her family in the capital. She can often be spotted laughing and running around with her younger sister. Her father is a tailor while her mother is a housewife. A bright and hardworking student, she attends Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalay in the city.

A jack of all trades, she has varied interests. She is a lover of words and finds pleasure in reading and weaving stories. Her hobbies also include dancing and practising karate. Among all these little activities that her innocent self enjoys, there is another burning passion, which is theatre.

“PassionGuru is a safe platform which has helped me to build my self-confidence.”

Unzila has always envisioned herself on the other side of the television. She dreams of adapting to different characters and living their life in tv serials. Therefore it is not a surprise for us when she says that the theatre classes organised by PassionGuru are her favourite. Sometimes people’s comments and rumours about the tv industry make her sceptical of her decision. However, she returns with a new sense of determination and will power to achieve her dreams. As a sign of a great learner, she goes the extra mile of learning through youtube videos of the mentors to further enhance her skills.

Like every child, Unzila also loves celebrating her birthday. She eagerly waits for that one day of the year which is all about her. The ideal gift for her would be a visit to the Qutub Minar, a monument she really wants to visit but has not had the opportunity yet. Another place on her bucket list is Shimla- the land of snow.

A sensitive and responsible child at a young age, she wants to solve the problem of littering in the cities. She wants to spread awareness among the children and adults to not throw trash on the road, but dispose of them in dustbins. Such bright minds need to be protected and nurtured at every cost. Join our cause to be a part of this fulfilling journey.

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