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Fighting All Odds to Live their Dreams

If you’ll ever get to meet Dheeraj, you’ll realise how strong-willed he is to achieve his dreams and break all the barriers that society has defined for him. A 13-year-old boy wants to be a baseball player and represent India at the international level. Nothing seems to be impossible when you get into a conversation with him. Exploring his creative side with PassionGuru, he says “I’m loving the dancing classes with PassionGuru. Dancing fills me with all the energy and enthusiasm that I need for the day.” His father is a labourer and mother is a homemaker, they both are trying hard to make the ends meet and support their son in whatever way they can.

“With PassionGuru, I’ve not only got a chance to explore my talent but also realised the power of technology. I never knew that following a passion can be this easy”, says that little boy with big dreams. Dheeraj attends all the online classes of PassionGuru with enthusiasm and a smile on his face. Witnessing the confidence and passion in him cheers us up and helps us to take these kids on the road to passion.

Please let us know if you think you can support Dheeraj in any way. Let’s make it a little easier for them.

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