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Driven by ambition

Talking to Prachi feels like the first warm rays of the sun on a cold morning. She lives with her parents in the heart of tradition and culture, Rajasthan. Her father is the owner of a shop and her mother looks after the household. The 12-year-old would love to visit the blue city of India- Jodhpur, possibly intrigued by its rich heritage and architecture.

Driven by ambition, she wants to enter the noble profession of being a doctor so that she can selflessly serve society. Her sheer determination is enough to overcome any and every obstacle that would dare to come in the way of her dreams. However, in the event of her life not panning out as she has planned, she has a strong plan B, backed by PassionGuru.

Prachi is an immensely talented artist and a very graceful dancer. She is open to the idea of turning these hobbies into a full-time career and loves the PassionGuru classes for laying the foundation of the same.

The lockdown hasn’t been the most difficult for Prachi as she is being able to spend quality time with her family. This togetherness and shared love are what makes her happy in the true sense.

One of the young supporters of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, she says “We need more dustbins in the city. People litter everywhere and do not care about cleanliness.”

Children like Prachi strengthen our belief that our future is in safe and mature hands. We are eager to extend our support to many more future torchbearers of change. Are you?

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