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Dancing Her Way Through Life

Aradhya Singh. The personification of strength and perseverance. Life hasn't been the kindest to her, but she's a warrior who refuses to back down. The 15-year-old girl, unfortunately, lost her father at a very young age. She lives with her mother, a housewife in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh.

She enthusiastically participates in the painting and dance classes conducted by PassionGuru and excels in both of them. Although a great artist, her heart lies in dance. Swaying to the beats of music transports her into another dimension. She has envisioned a future for herself in the field of dance and nothing can deter her from her goal.

"I want to do something in life which makes my parents proud." Aradhya's eyes are full of dreams. Hope is the strongest weapon that she uses to fight every ounce of doubt. The ambitious girl aims to achieve great heights and earn a name for herself. She wants to leave a mark on the world which stays etched in people's memories. Make way, everyone! Our future best dancer is here.

Wherever her father is today, we're sure he is immensely proud of his talented daughter. They say that when one truly aspires, even the universe conspires. We are playing our role as a tiny part of that universe by training hundreds like Aradhya and providing them with a platform. Connect with us to know how you can too become a part of this fulfilling journey.

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