• Himali Gupta

Can I Pursue My Passion? How?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Her sparkling eyes and happy face will always cheer you up if you'll see Pooja, a 15-year-old girl, dancing to the beats. She has been thanking PassionGuru from the moment she started learning new moves from our experienced dancing mentor. When asked about her passion, she said, "I love dancing and I never want to stop dancing because this is what makes me happy". Pooja's father is a carpenter and mother works as a cooking staff in a school. When we talked about helping her to pursue her passion, she quickly asked us "How?", without any hesitation. Her curiosity and confidence in our initiative PassionGuru made us even more committed to guiding her in the path where passion is considered as a priority.

Can you help her refine her talents? It would most definitely help her climb the ladder towards a brighter future. Let's take a step towards spreading smiles. Because it matters!

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