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A Will to Succeed

Shubham from Dehradun is one of those curious little souls who dream of a bright future and has enough determination to see it through. "I want to become a reporter and I will try my best to study and work for it," says the 12-year-old boy who has the potential to succeed in fulfilling his dream of becoming a news reporter for the society.

His father is a labourer while his mother works as a maid. Both of his parents are however the core basis of his determination as they fully encourage him to fly higher in his dreams.

Shubham also reveals drawing as his most favourite activity. He sits with all the excitement and eagerness to learn new ways to use his favourite colours. When we asked him what are the other things that make him happy, he instantly added that he loves tasting new food. Even at this young age, Shubham clearly knows what all he wants to achieve in his life and we couldn’t be happier to be part of his journey to reach his destination.

There are very few children from the underprivileged station who have enough moral support from their family to even dare to dream. His parents have instilled high values in him and it is only right to allow a gem to glow further by extending a helping hand. Will you?

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