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A Jack of all trades

“I want to become an IPS officer and serve the country.”

When such impressionable minds decide to work for the betterment of society, we can’t help but feel proud and grateful for being a part of their journey and watching them grow.

How often does a small girl leave you spellbound with her thoughts and dreams? At PassionGuru this is not a rare phenomenon. Every child we interact with tends to leave us stunned with their level of maturity and determination.

11-year-old Divya is no exception. She lives in Nagpur with her parents where her father works in MIDC and her mother occupies herself with tailoring jobs. Divya loves spending time with her family. It’s her happy bubble where everything reminds her of paradise.

A young and vibrant soul, she indulges in a lot of activities. With her creative juices flowing, she shines in every field. She dances as if no one is watching and showcases her graceful moves. Other times, she captivates everyone in the audience with her melodious voice. Divya is also bitten by the acting bug. She thoroughly enjoys the theatre classes and can live characters through her convincing acts.

However, beyond these artistic passions and creative abilities lies her much bigger dream. A little girl from Nagpur dreams of taking over the world.

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