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A girl of many talents

“You can take me anywhere in the world and I will have fun.”

This simple sentence speaks volumes about 12-year-old Harshita. A simple and happy-go-lucky girl, she resides in Delhi with her parents. Her father works in the private sector and her mother is a housewife. She’s blessed with super supportive parents who do not question her dreams and choices at any point.

Born with a creative mind, Harshita is passionate about dancing and sketching. She nurtures these talents with the help of PassionGuru classes and credits her developed skills to the meticulous teaching techniques and simplified understanding of concepts adopted by the teachers. She looks forward to attending the classes and participates in all activities with great enthusiasm. As she follows the classes dedicatedly and comes up with her best work, any appreciation from her teachers means a great deal to her.

Harshita aspires to be a science teacher. She wants to help other children develop rational and critical thinking abilities. She is not scared of any hurdles that may come in between her and her goals because she knows she has the capacity to overcome them all. The young girl has an attitude of making the best out of every situation. Her Positivity is contagious. Although she says she can enjoy wherever she goes, movie depictions have made London earn a place in the list of cities she’d like to visit one day.

Having experienced the problems people have to face due to water shortage, Harshita wants to develop a solution to it. She lives in an area where sometimes water is only available once in 2-3 days. However, in these tough situations, she teaches us the importance of community support and cooperation.

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