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5 Reasons Why You Should be Part of PassionGuru

‘Passion’, a word that is highly appreciated but rarely followed. Imagine a world where everyone is pursuing their passion and living their dreams, such a happy world it is, right? We have our plate of options to choose from but not everybody gets the chance to explore their talents and believe in their passion. The less-fortunate section of our society hesitates to pursue what they love because of inaccessibility to basic channels that can help them grow with their talents. As a result, they have stopped believing that there is a chance to turn their passion into a profession. Through our wide Qause network of NGOs, we were able to reach out to many less-fortunate kids who were brimming with talents, all they needed was a hand to hold to guide them and that was it. We recognised the gap and started working on it. That's how PassionGuru came into the picture!

This beautiful initiative by Qause has been running successfully in 13 states of India, giving FREE online passion-based classes to less-fortunate kids covering various art forms like:

  • Dancing

  • Singing

  • Taekwondo

  • Sign Language

  • Painting/sketching

  • Yoga

You must have found your reasons already to be a part of this initiative which brings back the hope in the lives of these less-fortunate children. It’s always a good idea to contribute to a passion project that can spark up someone’s life. We too have a list of reasons for you to join us in our journey of passion!

1- Meet the Changemaker in You

Not always you get the opportunity to come out of mundane to challenge yourself and meet the stronger you! The one who wants to be part of the change. In a rapidly changing world, we need changemakers like you to transform and bring in passion in the lives of those less-fortunate kids. And you know what? Changemaking starts with empathy!

2- Help the Kids Follow Their Passion

You can be a mentor, a sponsor, a volunteer or a supporter, there are so many ways to be part of this initiative that will make you help these kids pursue their dreams. You can be part of their inspiring journeys that will not only help you evolve as a person but also add up to your will to bring the change that you want to see in the world.

3- Give Back to the Society

Yes, it’s your chance to give back to the community! You might be privileged to have options in your life but there are people who don’t get to choose. Unawareness and limited access to resources in our marginalised sections of the society are prohibiting the change that can make this world a better place. It’s time that we take a step forward and do something about it! The world needs you! Now!

4- Bring Hope to the Lives in Uncertain Times

When we talked to those less-fortunate kids about making them pursue their passion, we saw starry eyes! We saw hope! We are making these kids believe in themselves and showing them the path that will groom them to enter a world where turning passion into a profession is possible and we would love to make you be part of this! Ask us how!

5- Celebrate the Journey

Yes! We celebrate the journey of passion with those little ones with big dreams. Every day we hear their story of how they want to be a dancer, singer, artist and what not! Every online session with them becomes magical when we see them pursue what they love. We are expanding our PassionGuru family every day with people like you who join us as sponsors, mentors, and volunteers. Come join us and meet like-minded people!

We are making these less-fortunate kids throw away their bags of doubts about earning money by following their passions. The advanced levels of PassionGuru are guiding these less-fortunate kids to reach their full potential and opportunities awaiting them. All of us were born as passionate learners, but, somewhere on the way, we lost it! It’s time we do something about it! We’re taking a step ahead to keep the curiosity in the less-fortunate kids alive by curating free online passion-based classes because everybody deserves a chance! So, are you willing to re-imagine learning, take action and be a part in creating a passion spark leading to a happy world? Then hop in for a passion ride!

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