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Passion Programs Designed For You

We do so much more than just conduct free online classes for the underprivileged. Our flagship programs work closely with NGOs, corporates and individuals who are looking to make a difference and curate special initiatives that use our passion classes for unique CSR and PR opportunities.


Unique Initiatives For Your Brand

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Passion Campaigns

We help you create marketing campaigns around your brand’s social goals. These campaigns create a meaningful impact and engage your customers in lasting ways.

Employee Giving.png

Employee Giving

Special programs that promote employee participation. Build a positive work culture centered around giving back.

Celebrity Mentors.png

Celebrity Mentors

Partner with our expert mentors and bring attention to your brand’s social cause.

Special Events.png

Special Events

Tailor-made initiatives designed around your organization's needs. Celebrate significant milestones of your organization by having an online fundraiser event for a cause that your employees and organization care about.

Successful Brand Stories

Saundh Story.png

The Background

At the peak of the second wave in May 2021, PassionGuru noticed a drop in attendance for our classes. Concerned, we immediately enquired and were told by parents, care-takers and NGOs, that the anxiety of the pandemic had seeped into the homes of children and basic amenities were getting disrupted. 


While our team formed a task force to get basic groceries and medical supplies to remote slums and affected areas during curfew, we struck a partnership with Saundh, an artisan focused fashion label that wanted to help.


Birth Of The Taabir Collection

Saundh curated a special collection of garments that showcased children's drawings on their jackets, kurtas and more. The children hailed from Vatsalyapuram Orphanage in Surat and we wanted to ensure that this was the first step to helping them realize their creative potential via collaboration. Their artwork was set to become a means to more children getting access to PassionGuru classes.

The Impact

Over a course of two months and many sales later, Saundh pledged

₹ 68,000 rupees of the proceeds to the PassionGuru program and we were elated to receive funds that aided not one, two but at least x number of children pursue their dreams at a time when nothing felt certain. 


That's the power of your partnerships and donations.


Create special CSR programs to help your brands showcase stories of passion

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