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A Passion is Born

We believe every child has the right to discover what they truly love so that they can live meaningful, fulfilled lives, regardless of their circumstances.

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Free online classes for the


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Focus on developing
life skills

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Providing digital access to children who have none

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Providing fulfilling employment opportunities


The Journey Begins

Our founder Avneesh Chhabra ran into a group of children on one of his frequent visits to an NGO and struck up a conversation, he casually asked them “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and in no- time he received the usual barrage of formulaic, almost memorised answers of “Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer’. He then asked them a simpler question, “What do you love to do? The children immediately became more animated, almost starry eyed as they said,“I love to paint”, “I love dancing”, “I love singing”. They opened their art books and shared what they created with a sense of dizzying joy.

This interaction stayed with Avneesh as he was immediately struck by the realization of the gap that existed in our education system that puts so much pressure on children to have a career that we’ve forgotten to ask them
“What makes you happy?” Thus, PassionGuru was born.

PassionGuru exists to touch the lives of the less fortunate to whom passion is a luxury considered way out of their reach.

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The Early Days

Suddenly, connecting the less fortunate to their passion, became our passion. We started out small and began by finding volunteers and mentors who were willing to teach children a new skill and did so through both online and physical classes. We began to notice the joy children felt when they discovered what they were truly passionate about and started to dedicate their time and energy towards getting better at it. But just as we were gaining momentum, COVID hit- which made physical classes impossible. Without the access to reliable technology these children were in danger of having their passions ripped away.

Persevering Through

We weren't going to let a global pandemic get in our way. We found ways to source and distribute cell phones and tablets and continue to conduct our classes online. We reached out to more mentors and volunteers and the response we got was overwhelming. Soon we were conducting over 30 passion classes and had more than 3000 students.


Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Our classes have impacted the lives of 1000s and inspired children across the country. Like the story of Shiv- who is on his way to becoming a robotics engineer. Shiv is a class 8 student from Gurgaon whose mother works as a domestic help and father in a cycle workshop. While he struggled to cope in the traditional school system, we identified his flare for all things mechanical. We connected him with experts in the automobile industry, and soon enough a passion was ignited. Shiv now builds scaled robotic models of cars using spare parts and could be on his way to being the next tech genius of his generation.


Our Values

Spreading Joy.png

Spreading Joy

We believe that happiness can change the world and are dedicated to creating a world where joy is at its core.



We strive to create an organization built around integrity. We are dedicated to showcasing exactly how your impact has contributed to change with access to live classes, reports and regular financial updates.

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Serve with Passion

Our passion is helping children discover theirs. We believe in transforming lives by allowing children to explore their passions and giving them the space to discover who they truly are.

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Empathy for All

We are committed to working together with unconditional respect, freedom, trust and support for each other.

Explore Our Stories Of Passion

See some of the ways we have contributed to progress through passion.

Word From The Founder . .

"We have a vision of creating an inspiring platform for the
less-fortunate kids who rarely get a chance to pursue what they love doing by getting them access to passion mentors, all online."

Avneesh Chhabra

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The Team

Vinay Kumar.png

Vinay Kumar

VP Business Development & Operations



Manager - Operations

Responsible for monitoring the daily and quarterly targets of the organization, Ruchi is always focused on hitting the bull’s eye.



Manager - Relationship & Development

Manisha ensures that our children’s passions are nurtured by the best talents in the profession.

Shivani Sagar.png

Carrying forward our ‘Qause’, Shivani helps onboard new changemakers and dreamers.

Shivani Sagar

Manager - Relationship & Development

Shivani Singh.png

Shivani Singh

Manager - Relationship & Development

Shivani ensures that the partnered NGOs and PassionGuru students benefit immensely from all our services.


Rupali helps NGOs navigate their way through the digital transformation journey and lays the foundation for a strong partnership.


Business Development Associate

A woman of many talents, Sapna is not only an excellent relationship manager but also a digital storyteller.


Asst. Exec. - Relationship & Development


Vinay combines his rich experience and curious nature to develop scalable applications and keep Qause ahead of the curve.

Associated Organizations

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